Please consider providing feedback to NAPRA on proposed changes to the NDS program.

Dear Pharmacy Associations,

As you may be aware, NAPRA is currently in the process of modernizing the National Drug Schedules (NDS) Program. We are reaching out to notify your organization about the opportunity to provide feedback on the next stage of the project to determine the most appropriate drug scheduling model for the future NDS program. The details about the consultation, including a link to the consultation package and the Microsoft Forms for feedback submission can be found on the NAPRA website here.

NAPRA would appreciate receiving comments from your organization, as well as your assistance with distributing the consultation. We are seeking feedback from individual pharmacists and pharmacy technicians as well as a variety of other types of organizations, as outlined on the NAPRA website at the link shared above. Your collective feedback is valued as we consider the path forward with a modernized program.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to review the information, providing feedback, and engaging your network on this issue. NAPRA greatly appreciates your collaboration and welcomes any comments you may provide. Should you have any further questions regarding the consultation, please feel free to contact NAPRA at