We have some excellent news to share with you today!

Through our partnership with Vigilance Santé, the CPTEA has secured for its members a free 4-month trial of their RxVigilance and RxPhotos platforms; a package valued at $1200!

As these tools are used extensively across in pharmacies across Canada (including Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, London Drugs) and are included with many common Pharmacy Management Systems (PMS), leveraging them during training courses or making them available to your students is a great way to prepare them for their future professional lives. 

RxVigilance is the ideal assistant regarding drug decision-making. It provides quick access to the information, among which our register containing the master formulations of over 500 non-sterile compounding preparations, including over 30 magic mouthwashes. Over 3,000 printable drug information sheets and instructions for patients are just a few clicks away.

RxPhotos is the most complete Canadian drug photo bank and allows users to quickly run a search by appearance, by DIN, trade name or ingredient.

Join over 56 Canadian Universities and Colleges who currently leverage Vigilance platforms in their curriculums and reach out to info@vigilance.ca before April 5th to take advantage of this limited offer. 

Vigilance Santé will also be joining us at the CPTEA Conference in Burlington on May 30-31st and loves hearing from our academic users as to how we can continue improving our platform for the pharmacists and pharmacy technicians of the future! We are looking forward to hearing your questions, comments, and suggestions!

Thank you.