Hi, I’m Janet Cooper, the Executive Director of the Association of Faculties of Pharmacy of Canada (AFPC). I hope that the start of the fall term has gone well.

Last fall I connected with your school about the new Safe & Effective e-Prescribing online module that AFPC had developed. This module can be used in courses where practice skills, therapeutics, medication management and/or patient safety are taught.

I’m pleased to let you know that the e-Prescribing module is now available in French, and we also have 7 new online multidisciplinary modules. They are free to access, and I hope that you will find these virtual resources of value for your school’s curriculum.

For many years, AFPC has offered about 20 modules related to health informatics / digital health to the 10 Canadian pharmacy schools. They are available on our open-source, competency-based online resource, called e‑Learning for Healthcare Professional Students. With funding from Canada Health Infoway we updated and redesigned several to be relevant for use by students in all health professions.

There are 8 open-access, peer-reviewed modules for all HCP students. For free access on our Moodle LMS, create an account at http://eLearnHCP.ca. See the attached brochure and one specific for the e-Prescribing module.

  1. Safe & Effective e-Prescribing
  2. From Telemedicine to Virtual Care
  3. Focus on Virtual Care & e-Prescribing
  4. Clinical Documentation
  5. Vaccination Schedules, Registries and Resources
  6. e-Medication Reconciliation
  7. Consumer Health Informatics
  8. Privacy, Security and Confidentiality

Each module has several clinical cases and interactive activities, and some include the impact of COVID-19 (e.g., Virtual Care, Vaccination). Once the student completes the module, they do a 10-question quiz, a brief evaluation and then receive their Certificate of Completion (which they can upload to your school’s LMS).

Here are direct links to sections from 3 of the modules, so that you can check out the content and design:

Clinical Documentation – section 5: Formats, Style & Templates

Safe & Effective e-Prescribing – section 7: Clinical Communication

e-Medication Reconciliation – section 2: eMedRec in Acute Care


I hope that you can incorporate some of these modules into your courses and would appreciate your feedback. Feel free to share with your colleagues.

Please contact me if you have any questions. All the best for your fall term during this continued challenging time.

Sincerely, Janet