Hello Everyone,

We have an exciting opportunity for all pharmacy technician educators that will be very beneficial to all pharmacy technician students.


The Association of Faculties of Pharmacy of Canada (AFPC), with funding from Canada Health Infoway, has created an online, peer-reviewed, competency-based, educational resource called e-Learning for Healthcare Professional Students.

The newest interprofessional module is on e-prescribing – to prepare students to use e-prescribing systems safely and collaboratively. It was designed for use in pharmacy technician, pharmacy, medical, nurse practitioner and dental programs. It was peer-reviewed by faculty members, including three pharmacy technician educators. It is open-source and free to access on AFPC’s Moodle learning management system: http://eLearnHCP.ca (students and faculty simply register with a username and password).

AFPC also invites you to explore the 17 other modules in the Informatics for Pharmacy Students e-Resource for use in your curriculums (e.g., medication reconciliation). These resources are very timely given the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on providing virtual patient care and online teaching. See the attached brochures for further details.

Informatics for Pharmacy Students

e-Prescribing Module for Students